How do I Get rid of duplicate shadows like those?

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  • I am trying to simulate a viewfield of the player with casting a shadow of 70% onto walls. The player is a source of light but I am having troubles getting the light correctly. I have figured out two ways of doing it.

    1. I used a sprite, gave it a solid and shadow cast behaviour and made them overlap. But the result is, that the light causes a duplicate shadow where the sprites overlap, because the two walls are not the same instance. Can I link those sprites, so they get the same collision box? Then the shadow should work, right?

    2. I uses a tileset, gave it the same behaviours. I figured, that in the tileset the collisionbox would be "one" but somehow it is not. There are some "holes" in the wall that I can not explain. It looks like the collisionbox just starts new after some tiles with no apparent reason. Is this a bug or intended?

    After all I would like to avoid creating a new sprite for all walls that stick to each other. This might get tedious after some time.

    Are there any ideas on this?


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