Rewarded Interstitial Ad not showing [SOLVED]

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  • Hello. I cannot get Rewarded Interstitials to show, although normal Interstitial Ads show fine. Is it not supported yet or something?

    I also tried loading and playing it as an interstitial instead of rewarded video in c3, still nothing shows. I've been trying all possible combinations since yesterday, so literally around 15 hours altogether and it won't play, there's no typos since Interstitial shows but not Interstitial Rewarded. Did anyone else have issues like this? Just wanna show a damn video ad.

  • bump.

  • The Rewarded Interstitial is in beta form on admob and construct doesn't currently recognise it. You need to use the standard Rewarded Ad on Admob.

    It'll still be a Interstitial ad, but with the timer for reward. Fill rates also not amazing for new apps so it's worth putting some text or a sprite after telling the user there is currently no video available if the video fails to load. It'll fill 100% on test mode, but bear in mind your looking at between 10-60 seconds for the video to load so it's worth loading the video well in advance.

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  • Can't believe I didn't even think trying that.... Thank you so very much!!!

  • No problem, I had the same issue a few days ago!

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