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  • Hiya, even on a blank project I cannot get rewarded ads to work. Has anyone been successful in displaying one? It might be at admob end, anyone have knowledge of what to add in the admob reward settings 'reward amount' and 'reward item', maybe it has to be something specific? Thanks


  • I believe my reward ads are working just fine. You can see it in Football Dash after you lose the 1st time, watch reward video to continue playing.

    I'm sure you've checked your admobs IDs, but you may want to double check them. Are you also queueing up the reward video before you need to display it?

    I just entered reward amount of 1 and called the reward item whatever I wanted. For mine, I call it, "Prevent tackle".

    Are your other ads working? Just the reward that's not displaying?

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  • Actually I just checked with the google test ad for rewards and that is working. The one I setup is not working but maybe that's intentional on debug apk, got no idea. I may just risk it and release the game with my ads in place of the test ad and see if they work. Yes the banner and interstitial (my version) are working on debug apk export.

  • I have this issue with certain games not showing ads. It shows up in TestMode, but not when I uncheck it. It was resolved as Can't Reproduce.

  • Ah okay, I didn't get that far yet. Not unchecked test mode in case the account gets disabled. This is just related to my own reward ads not showing in test mode on debug apk. It might be intentional though and I will try it out in prod after store release.

  • Good luck!

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