Can we restore chrome's cache in order to restore a previous C3's state ?

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  • Hello,

    I removed some cache in chrome:

    Browsing History

    Download History

    Coockis and other site data

    Cached images and files

    I didn't choose the one related with Construct 3 file (Hosted app data)

    Then I launched C3 and I'm not able to find my project anymore...

    I should have made a backup before but I was pretty sure my project wouldn't be deleted...

    What did i do wrong ?

    I'm also trying to get the file back with a recovering software but I really don't know where to look in appdata ... Even when I create a new project, I'm not able to find his location.

    I need your help !

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  • It's really confusing, I can't manage to find anyfile related to a new project...

  • If you save your project to the browser storage, and then you clear your browser storage, it also clears your project. Construct warns about this when you save there. You should always keep backups of all digital work you do, for this reason and many others.

  • In the case I can get the removed strorage back, is there a way to return to a previous state?

    I am experiencing some slowdown in chrome since a few days and I was thinking of removing cache. For some reason I forgot to do the last BackUp...

    It's not a bigh deal, some work is lost, I just wonder if there is a way to avoid the time loss.

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