How do I restore a blank layout?

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  • Hi, my layout went blank while I was working on the game. Even the layouts of my other games are also blank! I'm learning Construct 3 and have a personal license. Help!



  • Try rebooting your computer, clearing browser cache, updating video drivers.

    Be careful - if you've saved your projects to browser storage, download them to disk first.

  • That worked, thanks dop2000! Much appreciated! My game files are stored on my Google drive so I did not have to worry about losing them.

    I'm a newbie and currently learning from a course on Udemy. I would like to get some suggestions from you on how to get really good on Construct game dev. From your experience, do you recommend javascript and blender to add to the skillset?

    Thanks again,


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  • Javascript will definitely help, don't know about Blender.

    For me, when I started learning Construct, the biggest break was when I discovered that every object has a list of expressions. There are thousands of expressions in Construct, and you can do so many cool things once you start using them.

  • Thanks again and will look into expressions as you suggested. Happy Construct-ing!

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