How do I respawn using LoS and a timer behaviour? (C2)

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  • Hi Community,

    This ain't working for me and I suspect it might be because I'm using LoS on spawner sprite. My spawner sprite has an instance variable = spawn |number =3 and a Timer behaviour


    #1 spawner (sprite) | Has LoS to Player

    (sub event from #1) spawner < 0 | spawner | Start Timer "spawn enemy" for 5.0 (once/Regular)

    ELSE (from #1)

    Spawn Enemy

    subtract 1 from spawn.

    #2 Spawner | On Timer "spawn enemy" | spawner = set (instance var) value 3


    Now this logic should release 3 enemy (if player is seen)... wait for 5 sec then respawn 3 more enemy. but this ain't happening. I've played with it.

    Any help from a fresh pair of eyes is much appreciated.

    Forever grateful,


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  • I have just tried same logic with Turret behaviour and same :(

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