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  • Hello All

    I would Like a help with this , I normally use a 768x432 ( divided by 8) resolution 16:9 for my games ,

    Configurations :

    Full Screen Quality : High

    Full Screen Mode : Letterbox Integer scale

    Sampling : Trilinear

    Pixel rounding yes

    I normally generate my assets by code to save memory and keep a good performance , but it takes a lot of time to do it .

    I want to create all the predefined levels in the game ( layoutview) , but it will be a lot of images and especial effects so I came up with this resolution 128x72 / 16:9 to get smaller sprites

    I tested it ( smartphone and pc ) and works fine and the graphics are great , I made the sprites 3x bigger then appear on screen if I need zoom the game a little , the game is very fast and light .

    I generate my assets in magicavoxel with a lot of samples per pixel to get good details.

    My Question :

    Is there any problem using this configuration and this screen size 128x72 / 16:9 ? any advice

    Thanks a lot in advance

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