How do i resize sprites drawn in the editor without quality loss?

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  • I want to draw doodle/comic-like assets and not pixel art.I usually start with the default 250 x 250 canvas size of the sprite editor then crop the excess part and resize the sprite but it looks blurry in preview.

    Should I be drawing on a bigger canvas? Even if I draw in another program how do i resize it in a way its small enough to work as a platform character.

    (Sorry if this is too stupid a question,I'm very new to making art/using construct.)


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  • Generally speaking, I would say best practice is to create assets at the resolution you are going to use them in. There will always be some sort of loss or interpolation going on when you resize anything larger or smaller.

    The second best method I would go for would be to have your original art at a much higher resolution and downsize to whatever is required. You might have some wasted effort or loss of detail, but at least it won't be blurry.

    This applies to assets made in Construct or any other program as well.

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