How do I reset some persistent objects?

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  • Hi, I’m currently working on a metroidvania in which enemies and doors and gates and many objects have the “persist” behavior. This way, when the player opens a gate and travels to another layout then comes back, the gate is still open. Similarly, I like for the enemies to stay dead. However, when a play saves, I want enemies to respawn. There is an event for “reset all persistent objects” but is there a way to only reset a family (such as an “enemy” family)?


  • If you want it so all enemies in the game reset upon a save then don't use persist on the gates and instead use variables to track if it should be open.

  • See I would do that, but there’s honestly way more things I want to stay persistent than there are enemies. Small things like pickups, chests, and gates. Adding all of those as variables would be very cumbersome I think so I’m trying to avoid doing that if possible.

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  • Then take persist off the enemies and calculate it another way. Can't see the game, don't know how they spawn or act, but you should be able to detect them.

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