How do I reset iOS IAPs?

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  • Hi,

    How do I reset iOS IAPs (non-consumable) for testing purposes? I'm building a game for iOS, I have purchased all IAPs for testing purposes but I can't reset them to test them again.

    Is there a way to reset them so that I can test them?

    Thanks in advance.

  • If you're testing iAPs using Storekit with Xcode you can retest non-consumable purchases. If you're testing iAPs using Sandbox you can't retest non-consumables. Once you bought it that sandbox acc will always have it. To retest in Sandbox you have to add additional Sandbox accounts.

    When you're testing iAPs on iOS the idea is you use Storekit in Xcode to iron out the bugs, you can retest, and do it all locally with no need to set up iAPs in AppStore Connect etc. Then once you've got them working smoothly, you transition to sandbox testing as that gives more of a real world test environment, pulling iAP info from AppStore Connect, permanent non-consumables etc.

    See here:

  • Artpunk Thanks alot for your response. You are right I'm using Sandbox probably that is why I can't repurchase the IAPs for testing. I will try to add additional Sandbox accounts like you suggested.

    Very helpful. Thanks again. :D

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  • No problem. It used to be possible to use sub-addressing for your sandbox accounts.

    So you could make a dedicated email address like:

    Then you could use 'sub-addresses' like this:


    Any email send to a sub-address goes to the parent email acc, while Sandbox would consider each sub-address to be a unique email, and allow you to set up a fresh Sandbox acc. This meant you didnt have to go setting up a dozen different email accounts, just one.

    But Apple no longer supports sub-addressing which sucks. So the trick you can use now involves putting a period in your email address.

    So make an email account like:

    gmail ignores the position of the period, but Apple considers the email address to be unique if the period is repositioned.

    So you can set up separate sandbox accounts with:

    While an email sent to any of those addresses will always go to

    Its less elegant than sub-addressing but it works, and saves you having to find a dozen different email addresses to do your sandbox testing.

  • Artpunk

    So just need to create one email ID and create Sandbox accounts with changing the dot positions, Interesting and Clever thought. I will try this. I think this will work.

    Thank you :D

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