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  • Hey friends!

    I'm currently building roguelike, and I'm trying to create the mechanics - and here I need help.

    I want to create that every time a death occurs the character returns to the beginning - but - and that's the main part, I want some of the parameters to remain.

    Because doing a reset for the whole game is not a problem, you just use the command "RESET GLOBAL VARIABLES" - but there are variables I do want to keep (as for example, what if the character bought a constant upgrade for all the runs - like... adding life, I do not want something like this to be reset)

    How can I save only certain variables?

    But such a preservation will not only be for the play of the game, but also for future sessions of the game even after I have arranged it (I do not want my players to have to start all over again every time)

    Thanks so much for the help and very much appreciate it

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  • You can also store data in localstorage, or an array.

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