How do I reset double jump after I wall jump?

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  • When I wall jump i activates my double jump first and when I try to double jump after it doesn't work. Anyone knows how to fix that?


  • I know Construct 2 is gonna be put to rest next year which sux cause I'm still using it and will continue to use it but it almost seems as if Construct 3 is dying too. Noone seems to answer questions anymore...

  • Hi shinseyy,

    those resets can be tricky. Let's see

    There seem to be fishy events that look wrong from what I can tell at first sight:

    - Why do both "sides" D and A (wall on left - line 262 and wall on right - line 266) have the following difference:

    - "X Platform is on floor"?

    - You do set "Reset Platform double jump allowed to True" but I don't see any condition that makes use of it. As in: you don't have "If double jump allowed = False" don't let player double jump. But I would guess this is done by the platformer behavior itself, right?

    - I would also guess you shouldn't reset your Platformer Behaviour's Double Jump while the player is in the air, since the double jump seems to be reset when on the ground, right?


    "Double jump

    If enabled, the player may make one extra mid-air jump before landing on the ground."

    This is what the docu says.

    I hope this helps as a starting point.

    I hope there simply are a lot of Construct double jump tutorials out there. Maybe you can check how they do it generally again.

    I hope you figure it out or somebody else proofs that help is around the corner if you ask for help nicely :*


  • I actually tweak the Platform behavior in one of my projects to enable Bunny Hopping. Still working on adding the ability to Enable and Disable it. The thing with learning Construct and other Pictcoding Game Engines, is that you tend to over look or rather disregard the need to learn basic coding yourself. I started learning coding but when I found Construct I completely abandoned my learning. I recently went back to it but still...

    Anyhow, what I'm getting at is this: You can still Edit the Construct 2 files located in the Programs folder of your desktop. everything doesn't have to actually be done inside of Construct.

  • It's always easy to manually let the player jump simply by"

    "if player presses jump button"> platform behavior: set vector Y to (a negative number, the higher the number, the higher the jump will be), and set the player sprite's animation to the jumping animation or whatever.

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  • The FUN thing about it all is that there is No wrong way to get something to work. Design the code the best for You to understand. (Unless you're working for a company or Selling the code)

    As I recently mentioned, I just got back into Construct but don't really like the fact that they went ONLINE-ONLY. I know there is an offline version but its still tied in together a little too much for me. so I'm personally sticking with Construct 2. With all of the Docs online you can pretty much tweak and fix everything in the engine yourself until it actually IS your own.

    I tweaked a tweak to make this Continuous Hop behavior if anyone wants to use it.

    When you Enable Double Jump, the player has Infinite Jumps.

    download bunnyhop behavior

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