How do I request fullscreen based on game's fullscreen mode property?

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  • I make tons of very small projects for my job, some of which use "Scale Outer" fullscreen mode while some use "Letterbox Scale" mode. But when coding my button that requests fullscreen mode, it doesn't seem to have an option to just default to the game's own Fullscreen Mode project property setting.

    This seems like the sort of option that would be here somehow and I'm just missing it but I can't find the option anywhere and have to keep coming back to change it manually to match an individual project's fullscreen mode property every single time... Is there a way to enter a fullscreen mode based on the property you've already set for the project?

  • I think you're right: it does seem like that should be a thing, but I can't find it anywhere, either.

    That does seem like a bit of an oversight. Perhaps you could post it on the Suggestions board for the devs?

  • If I understand what your asking, it's the browser plug for fullscreen your having issues with?

    If so that requires an action by the user *first touch, a specific button touched, etc. and is how the browser is designed (likely for spam popups).

    If you're publishing to Android, IOS, etc you can just change your config file to request fullscreen. You might fiddle with your config and see if you can just make that happen when using an html5 file(I'm assuming your apps are local and in html5 format). I'd be curious to know and have never tried it.

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  • jsutton I think he is just describing a UX issue where the browser.requestfullscreen action dialog box doesn't just default to the project's fullscreen scale option when you add the action.

    It would make sense for it to do it, but isn't a huge deal.

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