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  • I have a white sprite that needs to change colour depending on certain outcomes.

    For the sprite in the layout view I've creates three effects - ReplaceColor, ReplaceColorGreen, ReplaceColorRed.

    How do I activate these in the events sheet?

    I thought it would be as simple as:

    Touch > On touched > ButtonYes > AnswerPanelYes > Enable effect"ReplaceColorGreen"

    But that does nothing.

  • in Events:

    Object Actions - set effect parameter:

    Name = "ReplaceColor"

    Parameter = the parameter which you want to change (0 would be source color)

    value = value

  • Would that be two effects? One stacked inside under the other?

    Or is it a single line of event and actions?

  • Touch > On touched > ButtonYes > AnswerPanelYes > Set Effect Parameter....

    with one action you can change 1 parameter of an effect

  • But isn't that what I already had? ---

    Touch > On touched > ButtonYes > AnswerPanelYes > Enable effect"ReplaceColorGreen"

    With "Enable effect"ReplaceColorGreen"" being the parameter? Or is the parameter something I set elsewhere that references "ReplaceColorGreen"?

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  • Can someone let me know what i'm meant to type into these boxes?

  • OK, what am i doing wrong here?

    I thought this was correct, but all this action does is colour AnswerPanelYes/AnswerPanelNo with a greyed out red colour.

    Neither the green or red from the effects panel replace the original grey colour (34, 34, 34)

    Can anyone help with this?

    Is ReplaceColor even the right/wrong effect to use in this situation?

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