How do I remove a plugin from my project?

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  • So, I'm trying to port my C2 project to C3.

    I was using some third-parties plugin wich were not compatible with C3 new runtime, So I started to hand code all plugin funcionalities. Now I need to remove the plugins so I can use the C3 runtime, and I'm having a little bit of trouble.

    First I made sure I removed all the calls on all the event sheets that used the plugins. (I checked with the new c3 search functionality)

    Then I remove the plugins using option: Menu -> view -> Add on manager

    Then I restart construct 3 but when I try to open the project I receive a mesage saying that I can't open it because it's missing the plugins I just removed.

    I saw somewhere in the forum that it would be easier to remove the plugins using C2 and exploring and deleting the plugins in the project folder, but I already opened and edited the project using C3 so I lost the retro compatibility and I don't want to spend another 8 hours fixing bugs I already fixed again. ):

    Am I missing something?

  • You still need to remove the plugins from the project and the behaviours from the objects before you remove them from C3. You shouldn't need to actually remove them from C3. Just trying to switch to the C3runtime will warn if any are still in the project.

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  • blackhornethmm I see... How do I remove the plugins from the project though? I thought that I was doing that by brownsing the "Add on manager.

    There are some plugins that is just a plugin, not a behavior. And by removing all the calls to it I still get a warning that the project have the plugin when I try to switch the runtime.

    Edit ---

    I'm trying to open the project on the C3 desktop version so I can save the project as a folder and delete the plugins manualy. But the project won't open on C3 desktop, it keeps loading forever. Same project opens just fine on web version.

  • The addon manager removes them from C3, not the project. Check the project tab, find the plugin, and remove it from the project. Maybe list which plugins are involved, so we can identify plugin vs behaviour, and how to remove each type.

  • Here is the list of plugins I'm trying to remove.

    Here is me trying to find the plugin MoveTo on the project bar and not finding it. ):

    Edit --

    Oh well, that's awkward... I just realised by looking the screenshot that MoveTo is a behavior, not a plugin... I did not remove the behavior from the objects. I'll try to do it and update here about what happened...

    Update --


    I believe I have removed all the instances with the MoveTo behavior but I'm still getting the warning that the project have the plugin. I supose I'm missing the behavior on some object. Is there a easier way to find wich objects have the behavior so I can remove them? Project is too big, will take a lot of time otherwise

    Update 2 --

    I removed the Nickname plugin from the project bar and now I don't get the warning for it. I supose that if I delete all the behaviors atached to objects it will work fine too then. thanks!

    Still I'm having trouble trying to find wich objects have the behaviors that I need to remove. Would be nice if there would be a more convenient way. I'm open to any ideas. In the meantime I'll try to adhoc my way here checking all objects.

    Final Update --

    For any future people who will end up here: I checked objects one for one and removed all the behaviors. Changing the runtime works just fine know. Not the funniest task, but worked.

    Thanks blackhornet for the help!

  • relixes c3p is actually a zip file. You can rename it to zip, unpack into an empty folder and search for the plugin name in project files. For example, if you search for "MoveTo", and it's found in Character.json and Enemy.json, you will know which two objects are using this behavior.

    It's the same in C2, only easier, because all objects are listed in one .caproj file.

  • If you go and delete everything, why not just start a new project?

    Also if you delete everything how are you going to remember what those were.

    Don't over complicate stuff because of silly little notions trust me you will waste so much time doing that way and end up starting all over again, like you did already. Just open in c3 if not open in c2 end.

  • dop2000 That's actually pretty clever. I'll make sure to remember it next time (and if) I need to do something like that again. Will save a lot of time. Thanks!

    I believe you understood me wrong. When I said I removed "all the behaviors" I meant the third parties one. They were 3 in total (plus one plugin). That's a project I've been working on about 1 and a half year. Took me two days to port it to C3. Pretty boring task, but it was worth it. c:

    -- Update

    Ok, not really. Game does not work with the c3 rutime. A zilion bugs and some layouts don't even load. It's a shame, but I guess I'll have to stick with legacy runtime and just use the new improved UI of the engine as consolation. \:

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