How to remove the default startup loader?

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  • Hello Everyone,

    Our configuration is set as Startup loader as nothing. but still we are getting the default loader as soon as the app is executed for the 1st time.

    "Despite selecting Loader Style Nothing (Not recommended),still we are getting the same default loader.

    Also we disable the purpose of the icon(In project bar) to "non set" still getting default same start loader.

    Note:It happen only for the 1st time.



  • You can upload your own image into the Icons folder. Then select this image and on the left panel in properties choose Purpose="Loading logo" or "Storyboard splash".

  • Hi dop2000,Thanks for your response.Our requirement is to disable splash screen loader.

    Can you please help me on that?

  • You can try removing the file with the default logo. Or maybe upload an empty PNG (with a few transparent pixels) and set it as a splash image.

  • Thank You very much. :)..Is this a new functionality update by construct 3? coz earlier we havent faced this issue.:)

  • I am also seeing this new behaviour for an exported cordova app. Not when running in preview though.

    I have

    First layout = "Loader" (my own loading screen)

    Use loader layout = Yes

    Loader style = Nothing

    Previously the exported app started with my loader layout. Now it starts with the App logo, and Whita background(!). Even though Splash color is set to black in the properties.

    In the Icons folder I only have one file, the app icon.

    How can I turn off the "logo screen" ? (Like it has always wokred before)

  • fredriksthlm There have been some changes to the loader setup in the recent releases of C3. But you are right, if loader is set to "Nothing", then the logo should not be displayed. I suggest you report it as a bug:

  • no one else experiencing this? Even if I set 'Loader style' to Percentage text, the app show my game icon as splash screen before the percentage beeing shown.. So regardless of setting, the icon is shown as splash

  • Ashley Is this an expected behavior or a bug? How do we get the old loader styles (Progress bar, Percentage text, Nothing) in mobile exports now?

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  • It's not really clear what's going on here - mobile platforms show a splash before the Construct engine has even managed to load and show its own loading screen. So there's the splash which always happens, and the loader which depends on the loading options you've set for the project.

  • Oh, hmm I see.

    But I have never included any splash image into my project, and had loader set to none. Previously I did not see any splash screen if I exported the game like this. (maybe just a black screen for a millisecond then..?)

    But with the new icon/splash setup in the projects I get the game icon as splash screen. (this was never shown if exported with the previous/older construct builds)

  • We recently made a series of changes to how splash screens are handled on mobile. It was all explained in the release notes at the time.

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