Remote preview stopped working 148 onward.

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  • Any idea as to why? My project is huge so narrowing it down is very difficult. Exporting the project, however, or normal/debug preview have no issues.

    I know without sending the project itself its difficult to asses what the issue could be - I'm asking if there are any go to culprits I could check out myself, from the top of anybody's head. The remote preview just stays on a black screen after finishing to load all images/scripts etc.


  • Press F12 in the preview window and see if there are any error messages in the console log. I had a similar problem recently when I disabled some groups with new Functions in them, but still had active events where these functions were called..

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  • Thanks! There are some errors I can't identify directly - but will dissect.


  • OK, the problem seems to be a third party shader I'm using. Thing is, I've been using it for a while now and it used to be OK. Now it fails to initialize, an In Promise error. This, btw, only happens with Worker running:

    Uncaught (in promise) Error: failed to find shader program 'bright_gray_fog'

    Any clue what has changed recently(ish) that could affect this?


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