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  • Hey All,

    I'm testing my "game" as I'm very new to Construct 3 and learning as I go. I'm using the Desktop Build (latest beta for now 88.3 if it helps).

    I wanted to test the Remote Preview on other devices out of curiosity so I added some basic touch buttons and everything was easy and fast to setup for this test.

    [quote:3sdhvere]On start of layout | Browser | Request fullscreen - Center


    . I set the game view to Landscape by default, not sure how to lock it to stay ONLY landscape ?

    I also did Full Screen by default as soon as the game start, on my nw.js it works like a charm with nice full screen.

    But when I test it using the Remote Preview using chrome the top Address Bar is still there...


    . What do I need to insert on the event sheet to get rid of it? I want a full screen with no browser UI on the way so I can get to see my full 16:9 ratio game all over the screen.


    . If I understood, Remote Preview in C3 always uploads to preview.construct ?

    or there is some way I can host it and share on my own local network?

    I hope that someone can help me with these questions, Thanks ahead and sorry about my bad English.

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  • From the manual (emphasis added):

    [quote:2j9mqwxp]Request fullscreen

    Request that the browser enter fullscreen mode. Note the browser may ignore this request unless the action is in a user-initiated event, such as a mouse click, key press, touch event or button press. The fullscreen modes that can be entered correspond to the Fullscreen mode project property.

    From the manual on the orientations project property:

    [quote:2j9mqwxp]This is applied when publishing an app, but for web exports note that not all browsers or platforms support orientation locking or have limitations on when it can apply. In some browsers it must be in fullscreen mode (using the Browser object's Request fullscreen action) before orientation lock takes effect.

    From the manual section on Remote Preview:

    [quote:2j9mqwxp]...if you Remote Preview to a device on the same local area network (LAN), such as a mobile device, most browsers will try to establish a local connection for data transfer ensuring the project can load at a much faster LAN speed rather than transferring via the Internet.

  • Thanks Ashley,

    About 3... not sure I understood.

    How do I setup it to use my local Lan? I don't see any option on the properties, or maybe I missed it?

    it is using the Internet by default but I don't want it to use Scirra's preview website.

  • There's nothing to set up: it runs on the LAN automatically, if it discovers the devices are reachable there.

  • But it keeps uploading it to I'm confused...

    Can't Construct 3 NOT upload my preview to Scirra's host like it used to be in Construct 2 ? (local from my machine).

    If I remember correctly in Construct 2 I could use my own local IP or something, It didn't upload to Scirra's host.

    Sorry for the confusion, I just want to preview it without uploading but can't find a way to do so.

  • Well, I'm 7 months late but I wanted to tell you: it's not a public upload, only someone with the link can see it and if you're offline it doesn't need to upload it.

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