How do I get a refund?

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  • I recently spent at least $16(maybe more, i lose track of time due to quarantine) on the premium version of Construct 3. $16 per month for 1 months(maybe more months, see above). As soon as i got the premium version the preview feature stopped working and i had no way to even test my games so i was not able to make any. I would like to request a refund due to me essentially paying money to have Construct 3 stop working. I am very tight on money now and spent the money in the first place to increase my skill in game development tp hopefully increase the possibility of getting a job as a coder, sadly i wasnt able to gain any extra experience due to this odd bug.


    I bought the full version, Construct glitched out and i couldnt make any games, so i ended up spending money for Construct to not work and now i want a refund but i dont know how to get one.

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  • It should be working. We have thousands of customers and as far as I'm aware it's working fine for all of them. Try clearing your browser cache and re-trying in case there was some kind of issue with your connection when first loading the preview.

    For any issues with payments we can only help you if you email

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