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  • Hi Ashley and all, is there some way to trigger the Construct IDE to reload project files, in my case, javascript files? It seems like they're cached when the IDE launches, and no edits done by external editors are picked up. I see the Animations Editor has a "Reload from Original Source" button, which is a similar idea.

    And my use case is, I'm using Chrome Dev Tools to edit javascript files in a Construct 3 project with the great Javascript plugin from Valera Popov. This provides good javascript editing, but I can't see how to get Construct to reload externally edited files, without restarting the IDE.

    I've tried using both the Windows Store and the NW.js builds of Construct, and both seem to cache external files upon startup. If anyone has a workaround or trick here to get Construct to load external edits in project files? Thanks!

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