How do I reduce ping for Peer drag n drop?

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  • When peer is draging a sprite with mouse and sending the message to host to move it, the sprite cant keep up with the mouse movment, if i move the mouse a lil bit fast, it lose the ˆmouse over˜ and stop moving.

    How can i reduce this latency when peer is moving a object?


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  • Option A. Don't even use the mouse over condition on the peer end. Let the host decide if the mouse was over the object or not.

    Option B. Don't worry about keeping drag and drop host authoritative and synced. Basically favor local input prediction and responsiveness over host authority, and have the host and other peers catch up to the current peer location instead.

    There is no way to remove latency in the real world. You just have to design around it, weather you decide to favor host authority or local authority is up to you. Designing netcode is all about how to best hide the latency from each party involved while preventing inconsistencies and conflicts.

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