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  • I'm working on a mobile game which uses the Nintendo GameBoy's (mostly) monochromatic green palette. With today's high-end computers and cell phones, motion blur on a screen basically is nonexistent and has to be forced if it's a desired effect.

    And that's actually what I'm after. While I'm not seeking a 100% faithful rendering of the GB screen effect, I would like to simulate it to a degree. I was hoping someone could make some suggestions or point me in the direction of one of C3's features to render this effect in-game.

    Thank you in advance for your feedback and help!

    God bless

    (Attached photo is an example of the WIP graphics. Still much to edit.)

  • Add these effects to the top most layer or just directly onto the layout:

    • Vignette (for darkening the edges of the screen),
    • Noise,
    • Vibrance (for the sharpness and strength of the colors),
    • Horizontal Blur,
    • Scan Lines,
    • Pixelate (don't go over 1 with this)

    If you play around with those for 5 minutes and fine tune it, I'm sure you can get the exact same effect as the Gameboy.

    Hope this helps.

  • - WONDERFUL! Thank you so much! I will give those a try and see how things turn out.

    I'll let you know the results.

  • ...Turns out my computer just doesn't like effects. I can't get them to display in the editor nor in the preview/test.

  •, they're showing up...Kinda. But I put them on the top-most layer but nothing is showing up clearly... Got some more messing around to do.

  • Try putting them on the layout rather than the layer.

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  • signaljacker - Did that, actually. And yup, there they are. Problem is that the effects, such as the vignette, cover up too much of the HUD layer. Put it on any layer, actually, does not result in anything or the effect is limited to just the objects on that layer. No amount of normal or alternate blending modes makes any significant difference or yield the desired result.

  • That would literally be just LCD trailbacks.

    Which you can mimick exactly by getting your main sprites to continualy spawn copies of them selves that very quickly fade and destroy themselves. Use the fade behaviour, no effects needed.

  • NetOne - That's genius! So simple! I'll give that a shot! Thank you!

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