Record a GIF inside my game and share it to Twitter?

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  • Hello!

    Last couple of days I`ve been trying to create a system to record video or gif inside my game and to post that to Twitter. I don`t meen using 3rd party software to do this, but actual game feature to record and share that recording.

    I have been able to make a recording using GameRecorder plugin, however, I don`t think twitter supports webm format since I haven`t been able to share the video even when manually downloading it and then sharing. So it would need to be converted...

    I have also tried to set Twitter plugin "share" to GameRecorder.recording URL with various methods, but have`t been able to get it to work. I have tried Share Plugin, BinaryData Plugin, AJAX, Browser.... but nothing works.

    Can anyone either help me with this or tell me if it`s not possible.

    Thank you in advance.

    Here is my useless c3p-file

  • Thanks rafaeltrigo, awesome examples and other tutorials as well. However, I still don`t get it. Recording seems to work just fine but sharing doesn`t. When clicking "share" it says not supported. I tried to export project to desktop but that did not help either. I also tried to add Twitter plugin and use that, but could not get it to work either.

    Do you or anyone else know if there is a way to set Twitter plugin`s share to actually share recorded video?


  • The share feature depends on the Web Share API. It's not supported in every browser yet, but its support is improving over time:

  • Thank you ASHLEY. Tested the example again on Android and in principle it seems to work. So there may be hope in the future if web share API will include support for Chromium so it would work on desktop exports.

    Problem with Game recorder and Twitter seems to be that Twitter only supports mp4 & mov video formats and Game recorder only records webm if I am not mistaken. Do you know is there any workaround for this inside Construct? Although it seems unlikely, is there a way For example file conversion or a way to record other than webm formats?


    Did you see this example ? it saves as .mp4


  • I tested it out. When you download it saves as video.mp4.webm so its only named mp4 but it is actually .webm. Atleast I think so when testing on my phone. ( can't get to my pc right now)

  • that is strange because you can set what format you want to save the video on binary data , and I choose h.264 , which is .mp4

  • In your example its being saved to binarydata as h.264 but did you try downloading the video? Which format is it? Or is it the actual downloading that is messing it up? I need to do more testing on it later.

  • Saying "this binary data is another type" does not convert the data. You're just putting the wrong label on the same data, which will probably break it.

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  • Thanks ASHLEY. Thats what I thought... So for video to be recorded and shared to Twitter inside Construct via events is not possible at the moment. Atleast not for desktop builds.

    If I understand correctly for it to work web share API needs to release support for Chrome and then there needs to either be a way to record other than webm formats or a way to convert them.

    Also thanks for rafaeltrigo for your input.

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