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  • Hi everyone!

    I started a project to recreate piano tiles but I've been having a hard time with the timing and sync.

    Using "Every X seconds" doesn't sync correctly and eventually the music (audio file) starts to lose the synchronization.

    As a first solution, I've started using the "Wallclocktime" and compare it within itself.

    This is what I have for sync so far:


    ClockTimeRec = 0 - Number variable used to temporarily store wallclocktime

    TickBPM = 0.5 - Number variable for beats (currently 0.5 for 120bpm whic is 60(secs)/120(beats))

    On start of layout - Set ClockTimeRec to wallclocktime

    Then I compared it back with wallclocktime:

    [ClockTimeRec <= (wallclocktime - TickBPM)] - Trigger my event and set ClockTimeRec to wallclocktime

    After this it will wait the amount of time on TickBPM and trigger again

    This solution is working so much better but I feel like there can be a mayor improvement to this method, I'll appreciate any help to improve this and anything else in general that might help me with this rythm game.

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  • Update01:

    I've uploaded a synced version;

    After a moment, the synchronization seems to be great.

    However, I am getting some very specific lag spikes after a while causing some notes to overlap.

    1. What could be causing them?

    2. Should I avoid constantly using wallclocktime?

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