Really strange error, can't figure out where the problem is!

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  • Hello there,

    I exported a project which is running in two different server. In one server, the project runs well (my server), while in another server (client server), the project doesn't run.

    On my computer I get the following JS error:

    Uncaught (in promise) Error: invalid expression number at GetExpressionFunc (/project-name/scripts/c3runtime.js:2404:92) at new ExpressionParameter (/project-name/scripts/c3runtime.js:2405:407) at Function.New (/project-name/scripts/c3runtime.js:351:47) at Function.Create (/project-name/scripts/c3runtime.js:2403:145) at new Action (/project-name/scripts/c3runtime.js:2458:518) at Function.New (/project-name/scripts/c3runtime.js:351:47) at Function.Create (/project-name/scripts/c3runtime.js:2459:265) at new EventBlock (/project-name/scripts/c3runtime.js:2290:451) at Function.New (/project-name/scripts/c3runtime.js:351:47) at Function.Create (/project-name/scripts/c3runtime.js:2291:502)

    The app doesn't even load. neither the first loading appears. It's a white screen, nothing happens.

    I was thinking the problem was related with Cache, but is not. I can't open the app using neither my phone, with a different connection. I have a broken project in one server, while in the other one works perfectly. I have tried multiple time to move the file again (maybe there was some corrupted file, but not, isn't working!)

    In the console, I get these errors. Both project exported are exactly the same.

    Did anyone encountered a similar problem? Thanks!


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