How do I read the global variable on the level 1?

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  • CtrlHi folks,

    I created the splash page for my game (made for learning purpose only) where the player is choosing the character to play with.

    Once we click o the character, the name of the player is stored in a Global Variable.

    I would like to read that variable in the first Level of the game (the one which come after the splash page).

    I managed to this including the Event Sheet of the splash page in the event sheet of the Level 1 but I'm ot sure this is the correct way to do that since the event sheet of the splash page, includes also sound and other Events I'm not interested in including in the level 1.

    Is there a way to share a Variable across all the levels of the game without sharing the event sheet?

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  • It's automatic, you can access that variable from any event sheet. It doesn't matter in which event sheet the variable 'appears' if you know what I mean. You 'include' only for events, not for global variables.

  • THanks bro, you pointed me in the right direction. What I was expecting is to see the variable already in the text area but i never created and Event inside the event sheet of the level1 that I want this to happen.

    THis is why it was not showing up. I assumed it would be visible by it self but of course, its not. Thanks!

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