How do I make a ray trace return that it's starting inside an object?

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  • I used to use a different raycasting plugin for allowing my platforming character to grab ledges, but I've tried to switch to the upgraded Line of Sight plugin instead so that I don't have to rely on a third party plugin. The issue I'm having now is that the character grabs the top and bottom of objects when he should only grab the top. I have to assume this is due to a missing functionality in the LoS plugin that the JCW_Trace plugin had: hitfrac. Any ideas on how to make a check like this? I've attached an image of my code below, but I can provide more info if needed.

  • Don't know much about your specific implementation, but did want to suggest the possibility of using invisible hitbox helper sprites either at the corners or all along the top edges of a platform to trigger ledge grabs instead.

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  • I've now confirmed that the issue is caused by the ray trace starting inside an object and there's no baked-in way of detecting that. That's how we prevented this issue with the old plugin; it has a hitfrac check I can call on to see if the trace started inside an object and respond accordingly. Ashley is that a functionality that's being considered for the LoS behavior, or does anyone have a suggestion on how I could test for that using existing functionality? Testing the normal angle isn't going to work because it returns the same whether it's on the top or bottom of the platform.

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