How do I make random 16 object appear and dissapear?

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  • Hi everyone, hope you are doing great.

    I am making a whack a mole style game, but with 16 objets that are individually placed. I need them to appear and dissapear randomly so when they appear the user can click on them.

    So far my approach is having an invisible object bouncing all around, triggering targets from frame 0 to 1 (frame 1 having no collision area) , but I am sure there are way better methods. Or maybe, you can tell me this is a good idea? I really don´t know.... So far, it does the trick! Kinda...

    I have also tried to put them in a family and set every random x,x seconds, family opacity and enabling/desabling collisions...

    A third option would be creating and destroying the dots ¿?

    I have searched deep in this forum but don´t seem to find a clear answer or tutorial, many of them are not published anymore, or maybe I am looking from the wrong perspective.

    If you guys have any idea or can point me in some direction or tutorial it´d be great. I suspect it could be done using an array, but..... I am not really on that step (yet)

    Thanks so much in advance, hope you are having a great day, Love!

    Here are captures of my two aproaches :)

  • With animation frames, you could

    Every x second

    For each dot

    Set animation frame to choose(0,1)

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  • oosyrag thanks so much for your answer! I am not really sure If I did understand lol , but I will try to apply your concept and see how it goes. I will keep you updated, thanks!

    So far my bouncing trigger seems to do the trick lol But I don`t know, it just doesn`t feel right doing it that way

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