can i raise units buy %

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  • am trying to make it so every 5 levels or so the enemy's hp/att/def/ go up buy a value of like 2% or something so every 5 levels is keeps adding that much 2%so by the time i at level 25 is will have gone up by 10%.

    or do i have to do it the long way and set them 1 by 1

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  • You don't have to do it every level, but it can be done like that also, just its gonna waste a lot of events by doing that, imagine if you have a game with 200/500 levels ... it would be impractical... doable but impractical.

    Made you a Array based 5 by 5 checker and reward, plus bonus% at level up.

    All you need to change is change value of 5 from the global variable to denote your wanted reward level.

    bonus reward is currently at 2 as (2*100)/100 = 2% if u want 1 % u just change the value of 2 in global variables.

    If you want to adjust the count of rewards or how many times it should be rewarded you just decrease the array width or increase it, i made it for 1250 levels that is 250 bonus rewards given. or around 2500% health increase (if player reaches level 1250).


    Have fun! ^_^

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