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  • I'm trying to get geolocation to function properly in an app I am building and am running into problems with it not always working as designed. So I'm testing it locally and seeing that the feature tends to return an error pretty frequently.

    I read and reread the Geolocation part of the manual and have been playing around with the example linked in the manual. I keep coming across the same problem. Sometimes the plugin works perfectly and I can get the position to show dozens and dozens of times without an issue. Then it suddenly stops working and give a timeout error.

    Doing some testing and checking the timestamp, the only thing I can figure out is that it limits the requests in a 10 minute and ten second span of time because in both my app and the example I get the exact same timestamp with the timeout and they are in 10:10 increments. Even though the example is set for a 10 second timeout and my app is set for 30.

    Anyone know why this is and how to get around it? I need more frequent geolocation info than 10 minutes.

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