How do i "download" my project as an executable thing?

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  • Hey guys, i'm sorry for my lack of technical vocabulary.

    I want to download a finished project and have it on my desktop, as an executable file. (i'm on macOS)

    I tried exporting as NW.js , but as soon as i try running it, it "quits unexpectedly".

    I want this file for 2 reasons;

    1- to run directly from my desktop as a finished thing.

    2- to upload to my personal website, but i wonder if in order to do this i need something different.

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  • I haven’t used NW.js with C3 on my mac, but I have used it with C2, and you have the roght idea. I was able to make a .app file that ran successfully.

    For your website, C3 HTML5 export makes a .zip file that you can unzip and upload directly to the server. Check out my website below to see lots of examples of what this might look like. Construct is natively HTML5, so it is specifically designed to create games for websites.

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