How do I quickly find out which sprites/images are the largest/take the most memory

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  • Hi guys

    I've been working on a game for quite some time now and even though I've managed to scale it rather largely and still keep the performance levels more than acceptable for most devices I'd really like it to perform the best it can and use an as low amount of memory possible...

    Some of the more common objects are often created through events and loaded through a pre-loader event. This means the estimated lay-out memory usage (which can be found, at least for the ten biggest lay-outs, in the project properties) and the memory usage when the game is loaded (and as seen in the debug preview) are quite different.

    Now I've been searching around a bit to find out if there is a simple way to just see which images take the most memory in the project but for some reason I am unable to find out a simple way to find out the estimated amount of memory of a sprite/animation/object.

    Am I missing something? I could start writing some events to unload items one by one and see the effects in the debugger to find out, but I have managed not seeing some obvious features before so I thought I'd just check the forums first. :)


  • Do you have the assets in a folder on your pc?

    It's a simple matter of right clicking and setting to sort by size.

  • See the guide on memory usage in the manual. It's quite simple: image memory use is proportional to its area. Larger images use more memory, and smaller images use less.

    Note don't confuse that with the file size - that has nothing to do with memory usage. A 5kb image file could easily use several megabytes of memory, depending on the dimensions of the actual image.

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  • You can take a look at this as well

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