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  • I have some old C2 projects that I want to reuse a bunch of actions from. As far as I can tell there appears to be no way to copy and paste actions between Construct 2 and 3, or am I missing something? I tried to open up my C2 project in C3, but it won't allow me to because of some old plugins that were used. Is there some way to bypass that and just proceed so that I can get to the event sheets? Thanks. I understand that the program won't run properly without those plugins but it seems a bit extreme to lock me out of the project completely as there is a whole host of other useful things I can be getting from it.

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  • If you don't care that the project will not work after opening in C3, simply remove unsupported plugins from your C2 project.

    Note that many popular plugins have been ported for C3, so you may be able to install them and open your project without breaking it.

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