Questions about sending games to publishers (general and Construct 3 specific)

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  • I've been working on a mobile game for a few months and the game is to a point now that I am starting to look into mobile game publishers. I've been using these websites as a guide on how to reach out to publishers, but I still have some questions after taking a look at them.

    Is there anything I should be concerned about in regards to Construct 3? Looking at displaying ads, it seems Construct 3 can only use AdMob. Would that be a problem for some publishers?

    Some websites suggest sending publishers an Apple Testflight link so that they can demo your game. However, I don't have an Apple device so I can't set that up. Would it be safe/professional to send publishers an APK of the game?

    Both the websites I linked to suggest giving the publishers a release date for the game. My game is pretty much done, except for monetization and whatever suggestions a publisher would give me, but I'd be kind of worried putting a release date on it because I'm sure all sorts of things could go wrong and it could get pushed back. Is giving a release date a necessity? If so, what logic should I use to pick one?

    If anyone else has any other advice on sending to publishers I'd love to hear it.


  • Since we're able to sell the games we develop with Construct, why not set up your own publishing company (or DBA) and sell directly through platforms? You get full control over where your game is (or isn't) sold, the pricing for your games, greater legal protections (especially for copyrighted games) and far more lucrative tax benefits (ask your local certified accountant for more details.)

    AdMob's great, and I highly recommend it, but if you've got the guts then you should absolutely get the glory... unless there's something I'm not aware of in the paid-license agreements.

  • I have thought about self publishing. However, even though a publisher would take a cut of the game's profit, I feel like the exposure they could give the game through better marketing would be worth it.

  • You can connect other ad networks through Admob mediation, or purchase Chadori's collection of addons and use IronSource.

    Publishers may require you to implement their own SDK, and if there is no C3 addon for it - you are in trouble.

  • Okay. Thank you!

  • The obvious benefit to going through a publisher is the marketing. They do it all.

    Not speaking from experience (but my uncle was a music publisher, so, similar).

    If you built a game that would do well on a console then I'd go the publisher route. Though I have no idea how one would do that. My gut feeling is that it would only be possible if you had a network in place where someone you knew could put it before the right people. Which is not most peoples situation.

    I.e. you were a game dev for Atari, met people, started your own company, and now know who to call.

    From a purely business standpoint, if you could show that your "game" can, with a high degree of accuracy, mine user data, a publisher would consider picking it up simply for the tech.

    In this industry, you have to keep an eye on the big picture.

    Apps like Tik Tok, Instagram, and most GATCHA games are making money from selling stolen user data (that the user "agreed" to in your terms and conditions.

    I have 2 apps published under my own brand "Delta Star Studios," and while neither are monetized ATM (waiting for more installs), they both have detailed plans for monetization down the road.

    The job app will use ads

    Kaneki Island will have physical toys and a trading card game to geneate revenue via real world merchandise.

    Again, have't implemented the ideas yet (outside of prototypes), but I know how I will monetize in the future. Remaining your own publisher allows you to retain all rights.

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  • Yeah. Someone to handle all the marketing is what I'd be looking for.

    At least from the research I've done, there are plenty of publishers that encourage indies to pitch games to them. A lot of the ones I've looked at have a page of their site dedicated to it.

    I figure it's worth a shot. I've picked a list of publishers to send to that are a bit smaller and have a catalogue of games similar to the one I'm pitching to them. It might not go anywhere, but I figure there's no harm in trying.

    My game was built with monetization in mind. It's got cosmetics that can be unlocked through playing the game, or more quickly through ads and in-app purchases. I really dislike that kind of stuff, but that's just how mobile games are I guess.

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