Question Steam + multiplayer (connecting to signalling server does not work)

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  • I am using the official Multiplayer plugin. Locally my game works and I can play an online match. When I upload my game to Steam and start the game from the Steam client, the in game log file only says "connecting...".

    My guess: i need to use the Steam API to be able to connect to the Scirra signalling server.

    Am I right?

  • No. The steam api should not have anything to do it.

    You could (and probably should) add a TURN server to your ICE servers list to facilitate better connectivity across the internet.

    TURN server services are normally not free, but I believe there are some limited use ones out there you can try for free to see if they resolve your connection issues.

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  • Thanks for the quick reply and insight oosyrag.

    The event list currently has an action: connect to signalling server "wss://". Then is the correct way to add an ICE server, to add the action below, so that the result will be as below?

    On start of layout
    connect to signalling server: "wss://"
    Add ICE server "TURN:xxx" (username "xxx", credential "xxx")

    (I found a free TURN server here:

  • IIRC you want to use the add action before connecting.

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