Question for Spriter users - Changing individual sprite PNG or setting them to diff animations?

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  • So I tried Spriter out and its very cool for doing 2D animation. I was wondering though has anyone had experience with changing the sprites in construct for Spriter files?

    Example if I rigged up a character with a walk/attack/idle Spriter animation is it possible to change one of the PNG files and have it sync with the current animation? Imagine changing the color / decoration of a helmet, glove, weapon, armor etc that are all the same size - just different PNGs

    Just checking before I dive down this path.


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  • I use Spriter with Construct quite a bit. If the image you are adding is exactly the same size and the key points in the image are in the same location, you could be fine swapping it in the construct files. Given the state of the Spriter plugin, it would be easier to do it this way. You will have to find ALL the different places the image you are replacing is in the construct file and make sure the new file is named the correctly but it can work.

    If the new image is not exactly the same size with all key points in the same positions, you definitely want to do it in Spriter.

    If you are running the beta version of Construct and have the version of the plugin that is built for the beta, I would say you would be better of doing the change in Spriter. The beta version of the plugin is MUCH easier to load edited versions of the project.

  • Thanks InDWrekt,

    This is good to hear. So I should probably pay very close attention to putting extra transparent space aound my PNG files if I wanted to have something translate from Spriter to construct

    - example if you had a weapon like a dagger but wanted to have a sword or longer item you should make the PNG for the largest item possible and pin all the Spriter images to the same handle point so you can just change the file/animation and they would still line up correctly?

    Ultimate goal is to have the character look like they are using / wearing what they pick up. Paper doll system I guess you would call it.

  • From your original question, I thought you meant you just wanted to replace a single image with another one. This new question looks more like you want to be able to swap images on the fly in game.

    You should look into Spriters Character Maps feature. Using this, you can define a single animation but using the character map, change any image of the animation. You would have both your sword and dagger items in the single Spriter project and can swap between them using the character map.

  • Ok yeah I saw this video and know I need to do most of it in Spriter now. I know it will work now using the append character map:

    Sweet little feature that should make all those files stick together :)

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