Question on Simulate control , 8 behavior movement

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  • I'm using 8 behavior to make my character move and use custom control using "simulate control",When I'm using default control and set my 8 direction setting to this.

    MAX SPEED:200



    The character move perfectly.But when I disable the default control and use my custom control using Simulate, the character doesn't move but when I increase my acceleration the character works fine.

    Is this some kind of bug?.Thanks.

  • There must be something wrong with your code, please post a screenshot or your project file.

  • dop2000

    My code is something like this


    " W " is Down > Simulate control " UP "

    " S " is Down > Simulate control " DOWN "

    " A " is Down > Simulate control " LEFT "

    " D " is Down > Simulate control " RIGHT "

    I also try it on construct 2 just to check if there is something wrong but got the same result.

    And also I try it on a touch event but still the same. Thanks!

  • Are these top-level events, or sub-events under "Every X seconds" or something similar? As top-level events they should work fine. It will be much easier if you could share your project file.

  • My event is like this.

  • So the yellow sprite doesn't move?

    I don't know, I'm sure there is explanation, but I need to see the project file.

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  • It's pretty weird , the problem just solved by it's self I don't know what happened there,I just leaved it for a couple of days and when I test it just worked fine, maybe it has something to do with my Desktop.. anyway Thanks for your help.

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