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  • This might be better off answered by the moderators, but regular users might be able to answer, too.

    I first came about Construct 3 in my programming class. Honestly, it's great and I love it a lot. Since our school pays for the license, I'm free to program and to mess around with the functions. Up until now, I've been using Scratch, which has nowhere near as many bells and whistles as Construct 3 has.

    So getting back to the point, the multiplayer function is available as a function for your project, but you do not have unlimited access to it. I'd like more information on the amount of access I have to it because I don't want to start building an online game of Uno and then finding out mid-game that I've run out of multiplayer access. Help?

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  • If you are talking about having access to the feature within the editor, as long as your account has a proper plan, you are good.

    If in 6 months, you are out of school it is likely your school will remove your access and then you will have to get your own plan : construct.net/en/make-games/buy-construct-3

    As for the multiplayer plugin : construct.net/en/make-games/manuals/construct-3/plugin-reference/multiplayer - the manual article has tutorials that explains clearly the technical limitations.

    Go through these tutorials again, until they make sense.

    Make sure the computers you are using as server has enough hardware resources to allow the number of players you are willing to have.

    Multiplayer is an object, not a function.

    Also I moved your topic to a most appropriate forum.

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