Question: What would be the best way to implement creating a new layout?

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  • kind of abstract but lets say you have a a layout that is a map and you allow players to create features on that map - towns for example and you would want a custom layout for that "town" What would be the best way of setting this up so you could have a map with many custom "towns" that could be entered - (load that town layout)

    Thinking just make a set number of blank layouts town1,town2,town3 etc?

    Is their a way to create a new layout in game? Like create another "town1"?

    Sorry very to be vague, Imagine a Hero's of MM or Starcraft/Warcraft type where you would have many bases or "towns" that would have custom layouts. How would you set up construct to handle this type of thing. Loading a layout on town clicked or on town entered / possibly creating dynamic layouts?

    Just looking for the ideal path forward if anyone has an idea - Thanks!

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  • Yeah the question is too vague and the example games you gave are RTS which tend to have the same maps each time as campaigns so you would have set levels and not sure how that relates. What you are describing with the layouts though isn't possible, you don't create them dynamically during run time. You would have one layout for the level, and each time load the level you want, there is no need to create further layouts. If you're referring to random generation of terrain you use arrays and load the levels from them but it gets a bit complex unless you're using a tilemap. There should be some posts around the forum about that kind of thing.

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