How do I publish Construct game as NFT (Non-Fungible Token)?

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  • Drear Reader,

    I have read that implementations of NFTs for games revolve around game assets like an NFTs' sword or any other type of inventory, another example would be a special skin for whatever in the game. Thus NFTs would work like a part of game.

    However, is it possible to publish an entire game as NFT?

    I have read that an art creator making their art may state in the NFT contract that they will get a certain amount of % from every transaction. It means that they make their art e.g. a picture of yoda, then they sell it as NFT, and then if that NFT goes up in value and somebody else sells it, the original creator gets a stipulated % from a transaction, and everything continues. So you make money once and then every time somebody sells your game to somebody else.

    it seems like an interesting way of making your game fully unique and somewhat copywrited. Plus it is an interesting monetisation model.

    however i know only theory of NFT, i do not know how it works in detail and if an entire game can solely stand as separate NFT entity on its own?

    I have read that a video clip can be made into NFT, can an entire game be published as NFT, how to do it? Responses, answers resources welcome!

    Thank you in advance!

  • you might want to look into ipfs and minty Construct is just like paint... has nothing to do with blockchain is just a interface for you to create a image ... how you publish that image is available out there on the internet.

  • Disclaimer: this is a personal opinion/view of mine as an individual.

    This does not involve, represents or reflects Scirra's perspective in any way.

    But I truly am concerned with this NFT trend and the huge impact calculations of digital stuff/crypto can have on actual earth's resources.

    Despite loving art, I do not believe that any piece of art should cost so much in terms of natural resources.

    NFT is an energy-consuming bane.

    Please be very considerate before producing and investing in crypto-stuff.

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  • I'd love to chime in here because I am a big fan of sustainable blockchains like Tezos for example. In contrary to bitcoin or ethereum (Proof Of Work) it works with so called "Proof Of Stake". The energy cost is lowered a great deal. You can mint a clean NFT for an Co2 equivalent of a Twitter tweet. The underlying technology is very upgradable, too and is said to be future proof.

    to get you started with a Tezos wallet check out

    and for a market place example check out

    Sorry to bump this, but I'll try to bring in some experience here.

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