How do I properly use Repeat X Times?

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  • Not something I've used before, but it seemed pretty straight forward.

    Code was working fine before, essentially just wanted to set it up to where it summons more than one set of 'Clone Left' and 'Clone Right's. But it does not seem to repeat.

    'cloneRounds2Summon' = 2

    Here is my snippet of code.

    Sure I'm doing something dumb but I can't figure it out. =c

  • You can't bury an "Every X seconds" inside a trigger (On mouse click). You could start a Timer instead, and deal with the iterations by stopping the timer after X iterations.

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  • you could put the Every X Second at the Top level, then put everything (on clicked) under that.

    The problem blackhornet is eluding to is that "every X seconds" only triggers exactly when the time elapses. So if you don't happen to click at the exact same time as that event, then it won't "happen". And it would be impossibly hard for that to happen.

  • Ahh. Fair enough. I will find a work around to space them out other than wait 0.6 sec. But I def summon the right amount now. Thanks for the quick responses :)

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