How do I properly use Image Point?

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  • Hello! First time on the forums, and still a bit new at construct!

    I have a simple 8 directions, (rotation locked) to make a simple top down controller, and I have animations implanted. I want to make a rouge like game where the player can equip a ton of different swords, and use em in epic fights.

    I have most things roughly working, but one. My player's default animation is facing right, when you hit any variation of the left arrow, it switches it animation group to one I set up for left, simple enough. I have a weapon hold area that follows the player, that I am planning on being in charge of equipping and de equipping my sword, it follow the player correctly, but when I switch to my left animations, It is still on the right side.

    After a lot of searching, I figured I needed to use the "Pin" behavior, and "Image Point". I tried for a while but cant seem to figure out image point.

    I can pin it to image point using an event, but what do I put it in the box. Its current position in the editor is fine, I just want it to flip to the other side, but I can't seem to do that, anyone know what I should do


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  • You need to create an image point on the character sprite (in the Animation Editor). If there are multiple animations/frames, this image point needs to be in all of them.

    After that you can pin another object to this image point referenced by its name or number. For example, Pin Dagger to image point "sword"

  • thank you so much, that makes a lot more sense!

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