Progress bar of the game loading is not displayed (+ Splash Screen)

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  • Hi guys!

    For a long time I created my game on the Construct 2 engine for Android devices. Now I'm trying to port my code to Construct 3. There was a problem displaying the loader screen.

    Whatever settings I choose in the project, the download bar still appears for a split second. Then only a black screen is visible for too long and after that the game starts completely.

    Watch the video to visualize the difference between the two versions of the game created in C2 and C3

    In a project I am using a custom loading layer where the loading bar just fills up slowly.

    When the game was being developed on C2, I created a custom splash screen according to this lesson:

    For some reason the link doesn't want to work. Here is a screenshot showing the url

    I changed the system values ​​accordingly in the c2runtime.js file.

    Is it possible that because of this there was a problem when transferring the game from C2 to C3 ???

    How can I fix everything in the new version of the engine?

    Settings in projects:



    Is it possible to make your own beautiful splash screen?


    I've got one more question. In my game, I organized localization through the sprites stored in the "Project" folder and load the desired language via "Load image from URL".

    Loading of such images in Construct 3 takes much longer than on the Construct 2. Why is this so?

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