How do I program a turn based rpg?

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  • So, in my Video Game Design class at school, I'm working with a team to do class project, where we are required to make a game for a competition. My team has decided to make a RPG game. However, we cannot find a tutorial/figure out how to program the fight system. We were planning for the fighting system to be similar to games like Dragon Quest/old school Final Fantasy/games from RPG Maker, where you are taken to a different screen with options to attack/heal etc. We have to use Construct 3, no other program allowed.

    Does anybody have any idea how one would make an event sheet that could do something like this? We're not allowed to ask the teacher (or anyone really) for help, so I thought I'd ask here. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Edit: There is only one character fighting, and will only fight one enemy at a time. The only AI will be the enemy. I think that makes it easier to program.

  • Google is your friend.

    You can try a search for health bar, RPG etc. THere's an RPG demo (Demonoire) to dig through and quite a number of other resources.

    The demo game is likely to give you the overall understanding that you need.

  • Hi there, the logic of a turn based gameplay is something roughly like this.

    Let's say you are using a boolean or a condition toggle to define which player has turn to play in that case you do a conditional event like bellow:

    • if player turn true
    • disable enemy turn
    • do player stuff.
    • If player turn ended
    • Set enemy turn true


    • if enemy turn true
    • disable player turn
    • do enemy stuff
    • If enemy turn ended
    • Set player turn true

    that is the basic logic, how you move to grid and other stuff, is up to you, you have to think conditional when using Construct and any programming language that is, we set events and condition to the game in formats of "if something happens do this".

    Hope it helps.

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  • I'd go for the Dragon Quest style of battle. It's easier to do all battle inputs and then process them in turn according to some kind of agility stat and other logic / randomness.

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