Problems with GooglePlay.MyID

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  • I have a game on Google Play that uses the players google ID to retrieve their saved level from a database. So far, 'Set text to GooglePlay.MyID' displays the correct ID but when I try to put this value into a variable (googlePlayIDVariable = GooglePlay.MyID), and 'Set text to googlePlayIDVariable' It displays 'NaN'. This ultimately means I cannot send the ID to the database and retrieve the correct data.

    I have tried using the Ajax calls 'Send "username=" & GooglePlay.MyID to URL....' &

    'Send "username=" & googlePlayIDVariable to URL....'

    Both don't seem to work, however...

    'Send "username=123456789" to URL....' does work.

    Hopefully this is enough info for someone to point out the obvious!

    Thanks in advance!

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