Problems with authentication, help is welcome. Is this a bug ?

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  • Hi guys, first of all I wanted to say I love construct 3.

    I've only started to work on it but I think it's a great product.

    I need to build a mobile game that uses firebase.

    If I use postman or go to any REST API testing site and POST the exact same string to firebase it responds correctly.

    Using construct 3 I get "Email Missing".

    I've added the domain to firebase so that is not the issue.

    I would really appreciate some help here. It only takes 2 minutes to reproduce this.

    This is the event sheet. very simple just add an AJAX object, Json and text.

    If you use postman or go to you will get:

    Here is the text of what I'm sending using AJAX, in case you want to copy&past into Construct 3:

    URL ""

    Data "{""email"":"""",""password"":""test123""}"

    Thanks in advance

  • Forgot to add what I get back as a I response if I use construct3

    where you can see the message, missing email. But the email is there and if I copy and paste the same data to postman I get a valid response.

    thanks in advance

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  • I don't know why data is not sent, but sending the same values in url parameters seems to work:

    "" & URLEncode("") & "&password=test123"

  • Many thanks dop2000 !

    that is really weird. Why do you think this happens in Construct ?

    must be a bug right ?


  • I think I've seen this issue before. May be a bug, I don't know.

    You can report it here:

  • Many thanks dop2000 !

    that is really weird. Why do you think this happens in Construct ?

    must be a bug right ?


    Do I need to encode the "at" symbol in some way inside a string ??

  • In case this is helpful for others.

    I was about to file a bug but then decided to try one last thing, which was helped by what dop2000 wrote in his message.

    This works and I get the right response from firebase.

    Why sending a json doesn't and this does I don't understand...


  • You must URLEncode URL parameters for them to be sent correctly.

    You can't put a string like {} in a URL, because it uses special characters which aren't allowed in URLs. If you URL encode it, you get (note no braces, colon or at sign, because none of that is allowed in URLs). This is why Construct provides a URLEncode expression. And it's also why it tells you that when you select the "Data" parameter!

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