Problema with multiplayer version fo my game

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  • Buongiono

    we have a problem with the multi-user version of our game. I see the problem that comes in being connected

    The game includes 4 players, each of whom chooses a color and a name to play.

    The connection phase takes place as follows. The player has to choose a room with which to play and at this stage the game tells me how many players are present in the room at most I can enter in 4.

    The first problem is born here. when the room is empty, he replies that there are 4 empty seats while after the first player has entered (host) for the others the game always answers that there are 3 free places even if the connected players are 4.

    In the chat I'm trying to connect to a different room.

    Basically the first two players entering the room are perfectly connected and play correctly. while the second 2 players do not receive messages from the host i nor send them to be re-transmitted to the other peers

    We have tried to entatre alternately with different colors but always the first two play and the other two seem not collgati.

    We can not understand why because if everyone is working correctly, what we have sabiliated in the code.

    Thank you


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