Problem viewing collision polys in editor

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  • Hi all, sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but how do I view the tile map collision polys in the layout editor? I am using the latest stable release of C3 and I have checked the 'Show Collision Polygons' box but only the collision for sprites is shown, not for the tile map. I have tried looking for a second option to view the tile map collisions but cannot find one, is this an error or am I missing something. Thanks in advance.

    Link to screen shot. (Can I put images in these posts somehow?)

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  • I can confirm. The collision polygon of a tile is only visible in the Tilemap-window if the collision polygon is changed of this tile, but not in the Layout.

  • It used to work in the editor in the previous version of C3, also in the screen shot that red collision box to left (in the grey area) appears to be the collision for the character icon (top left of editor), but becomes misplaced when scrolling in the editor, also did not happen before.

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