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  • Hello

    something strange happens to me with touches.

    In a layer I have three buttons created as an image, a text and an area to enter the player's name

    These objects are on top of each other and not visible at the beginning of the game. Only one becomes visible. The buttons are sensitive to touch.

    If, instead of touching the visible button, I just touch the text area, and both objects are visible with an ugly optical effect.

    Among other things, the button covers the area and can not do anything

    How can I solve the problem?

    Thank you

  • Not really enough information here and are you referring to the built in button object or did you make your own?

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  • I have create a sprite with an image of button

    I use touch to create an event. But I click out the imege of the button make visible an objet that stay back but invisible

    Make visible this object without I wirte any instruction

    Is more clear?


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