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  • In my game there are 70 cards that must be shuffled and then drawn. I have already completed the solitaire version of the game so shuffling and extracting the cards works properly. Now I'm developing the multiplayer version and the host shuffles the cards, but I can not sync the peers. In the logging phase I declare that I want to synchronous these objects, but I do not synchronize anything. The cards are not turned on the peers. The card sprite has two "down" animations that have a frame with the back of the card and an "Up" animation that contains 70 frames with the figure of the cards. What I have to do is a little confused.

    Should I send a message? And if so?


  • Hello to all

    I followed this post

    I followed the directions but the message does not seem to be suspended, then I down the hiost and I see that the array is synchronized

    What happen? How can I solve the problem?

    Thank you

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  • once the host receives the messages to update it'S arrays, it needs to send the message to the other peers too, i can'T just keep all the game data to itself! You need to tell the peers !

  • Thanks for your answer

    Maybe I did not say it clear enough.

    The host creates the arrays and a broadcast message is sent to the peers

    as message myarray.asJason from is empty tag "aggarray"

    Peer side:

    om peer message "aggarray" - myarray LOAD (as Jason) Multiplayer.message

    This is the message that arrives but the array updates when I disconnect the host

    What do you think about it?

    Thank you

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